Get Involved
PsychTable needs your help! In order to have a classification system of proposed EPAs, we need contributors to add citations and build our site.

Who is eligible to contribute?

Any researcher or scholar with an interest in the biological or social sciences is potentially eligible to become a curator. We need curators from a diversity of disciplines, including (but not limited to) psychology, biology, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, history, cognitive science, computer science, and linguistics. Potential curators should have an advanced degree and/or publication history in a field related to the biological or social sciences. Graduate students -- and, in some cases, undergraduate students -- are eligible, provided they can demonstrate expertise or experience with pertinent topics.

How does it work?

Our expert contributors, known as "curators," upload citations of peer-reviewed literature or scholarly books that support or challenge the existence of proposed EPAs (evolved psychological adaptations). Curators also rate the citations that they and other curators upload, on the basis of how well each one supports or challenges the existence of that EPA. PsychTable calculates evidence scores based on the citations and their ratings.

How much time does it take up to be a curator?

Contributing to PsychTable can be as small or as big a commitment as you wish. It only takes a minute to upload or rate a citation, and you can upload as few or as many as you want at any time.

If I'm not eligible to be a curator, can I still use and contribute to PsychTable?

Yes, PsychTable is open to all. Even if you do not are not a curator, you will still be able to fully explore PsychTable, post comments, and make suggestions about what literature and EPAs should be added.

How do I become a curator?

To get started curating for PsychTable, e-mail us with a letter of interest and your CV. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We are also currently seeking web developers who are able to volunteer some time to help get PsychTable off the ground.

If you're interested in helping in any capacity, please e-mail us!