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PsychTable is the first international collaborative endeavor to classify the evolved mechanisms of the human mind
Use PsychTable to:
  • Explore hundreds of evolved psychological adaptations (EPAs)
  • Connect directly with a worldwide community of scientists, educators, students, contributors, and the general public.
  • Propose empirical evidence and studies that support the existence of individual EPAs.
  • Help compile individual dossiers that profile individual EPAs.
  • Nominate hypothesized EPAs that may be substantiated or appear in the future via emerging research.
  • Gain rapid insights into which areas of evolutionary social scientific research are open to further empirical enquiry.
  • Provide a helpful Web-based study tool for your students.
The Functional Table of Human Evolved Psychological Adaptations
Class I
Natural Selection
Class II
Sexual Selection
Class III
Kin Selection
Class IV
Uncategorized or Disputed